About Us

Mask And Hook is a small family owned business that started because of Covid-19. Facing the necessity of face masks, we realized that we always misplaced our masks, had nowhere to store it and placed It in unsanitary places. This problem arose when we arrived at restaurants, in our car, our workplace, and our home. We had nowhere clean to safely store our face masks when we arrived at all these places or anywhere. We had to find a solution, so we designed self-adhesive hooks. Mask And Hook can adhere to restaurant tables, car interior, house appliances or any hard surface. The custom-made hook is designed to be multipurpose, to store any small personal items in an accessible, clean and organized way. We even have hooks that attach to clothing as well, always keep your face mask near you. Mask And Hook can be used to store masks, keys, key chains, lanyards, leash, hats, ties and more.


We design stylish face mask holders to store masks in a clean, accessible and organized way. Our models are multipurpose and meet the needs of every situation.

Mask And Hook has models that accommodate all industries, such as health care professionals, restaurant owners, hospitality workers, educators, students, and the every day consumers.

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